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  • Memes and Madhabs

    Faisal Ali 15 September 2018

    Like many young Muslims in the diaspora, growing up in Cardiff our Muslim community was a very diverse one. Muslims… read more

  • In Praise of the Islamic Bookstore

    Abdul-Azim Ahmed 22 March 2018

    Independent bookshops in Britain are on the decline, and a combination of rising rents and Amazon will spell its ultimate… read more

  • The Perils of Faith-Healing

    Stephen Graham 18 February 2018

    Charisma Magazine is a leading magazine amongst Christians who identify as “charismatic:” that is, who believe that certain supernatural “Gifts… read more

  • Some Evangelicals Are Living a Neighborly Faith

    Kevin Singer and Chris Stackaruk 21 January 2018

    What would it take for people of other religions to know evangelical Christians as the most hospitable members of their… read more