All of Issue 14 Online 6 December 2016

We’re doing something we don’t usually do, and that is upload our entire magazine online upon release.

Issue 14 and its content are all below for you to see and read (consider it an early Christmas present!).

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Tackling Conflict in a Religiously Diverse World by Dr Edward Kessler of Woolf Institute

Why Do We Always Compare Everything To Hitler? asks Abdul-Azim Ahmed

On Growing Up Orthodox Jewish and Syrian Christian by Nicole Abraham

Time for the Anti-Haters to Rise Up by Rabbi Allen Maller


Amidst Uncertain – A New Place of Worship for Iraq’s Mandaeans by Christopher De Bie

Should Prostitution Be Banned Because It Is Exploitive by Professor of Philosophy Hugh McLachlan

What is Religious Literacy? – a fantastic QA with Mr Religious Literacy, Prof Adam Dinham


Sacred Politics—Trump, Brexit and Civil Religion, Abdul-Azim Ahmed considers the clash within civilisations in the West

A Buddhist Diet in London – how faith and food meet, by Ilona Smith

Karen Armstrong, An Accidental Expert – our feature article, an interview with the eminent religion author


Hobbes, Rousseau and the Social Contract – an insightful and smart essay by Polina Simakova / Agrippina Domanski

Theodicy Revisited, the ancient conundrum (re)considered by Stephen Graham


Religious Ambiguity in The Exorcist – Gavin Hurley looks at the new TV show and it’s mistakes

Qawwali – A Truly Mystical Encounter – Kynaat Awan explores the Sufi devotional music


Stephen Timms MP offers his thoughts on faith, politics and society


Our Holy Ground – a review of John Morgans and Peter Noble history of Christianity in Wales

Radicalized – Peter Neumann latest work on extremism and radicalisation


Terror and Natural Law by Jonathan Milevsky


About Abdul-Azim Ahmed

Dr Abdul-Azim Ahmed is Editor of On Religion magazine. He holds a doctorate in religious studies and an MA in Islam in Contemporary Britain.