Five Things Inside Issue 7 10 May 2014

On Religion Issue 7Issue 7 of On Religion, which covers Spring 2014, is now out!

As always, we strive to bring you the best analysis and commentary of religion, past and present. Here are five things you get to look forward to in Issue 7. Remember, a subscription is just £19 and helps support quality religious journalism. You can subscribe at the bottom of the page or here.

1. The Background to India’s Elections
The Indian election and results are a big topic at the moment. We go behind the headlines however, and take a look at the issues and history that led to today’s crisis and controversies. Why is Narendra Modi a controversial figure? What is Hindutva and what are its links to European fascism? What role will the memory of the Amritsar Massacre play in modern India? All this and more in Issue 7.

2. Deconstructing the Sunni-Shia Myth
Few things are as ubiquitous as the narrative of a Sunni-Shia civil war in the Middle-East, a narrative that Professor James Gelvin describes to us as “facile, simplistic and lazy”. So where did this myth come from? Is there any truth to it? We tackle this head on.

3. The Future of Religion in University
Religious Studies departments are going through a period of intense change, and increasingly their relevance to the modern world is being questioned. We have a series of articles that explore this, including an interview with Professor Linda Woodhead about where the future of religion in Higher Education might lie.

4. Religion and Politics in the UK
Religion and power intersect, and we take a good look at all the recent debates: Cameron recently stated that Britain is a Christian country, but is this is hiding a more subtle argument about the role of the welfare state; Muslims are often spoken about in the media, but who speaks for Muslims; and what effect is austerity having on the way Britain treats its dead (not a very good one, we suggest).

5. Reviews of the best culture, books and film
This issue includes an exploration of the claims that the latest Noah film is a Gnostic subversion of religion; a review of a crowd-funded documentary, Even The Crows; Nick Wood’s latest play on Malala; and a book review that traces the rise and decline of American religious freedom.

So there you have it. Five things inside Issue 7 of On Religion and five great reasons to subscribe.


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