Four Things Inside Issue 11 of On Religion 18 August 2015

Publication3On Religion is a magazine about religion, society and current affairs. The Summer 2015 edition is now out, our content is slowly released online but subscribers get it in the post immediately.

As always, we strive to bring you the best analysis and commentary of religion, past and present. Here are four things to look forward to inside Issue 11 of On Religion. You can get them all by subscribing, which helps us to keep producing the magazine. A subscription costs just £19 a year.

1. Powerful Polemics
Our Opinion section is full of great pieces looking at the debates raging around religion and faith. Andrew Grey defends the role of religious education, Daniel Ansted asks whether religion is rational, Catherine Fuller makes the case for reforming feminism, and Abdul-Azim Ahmed looks at the dangers and strengths of a narrative of religious persecution.

2. Commentary on Current Affairs
Our Commentary sections brings informed and insightful analysis of the stories in the news and political debates. John Roberts looks at the intersection of religion and culture in NOrthern Ireland, and Ben Woodfinden explores the US “Culture Wars” in light of the Supreme Court’s judgement on same-sex marriage. Abdul-Azim Ahmed looks at religion on the media and the neoconservative movement.

3. Features on Artistry
Our cover piece is by Dr Kate Roberts of Cadw. She gives a great visual tour of faith sites in Wales, which should provide inspiration for anyone in Britain trying to think of a relaxing weekend break. We also look at the work of Graham Short, a microartist who has inscribed stunning pieces of religious art on the smallest of objects, including the pointy-end of a needle!

4.  Essay
Every issue we include at least one long form essay. This edition looks at the pluralism of theologian John Hick, and what lessons it might hold for contemporary challenges of multifaith societies.

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Issue 11’s Contents


In the Age of Isis, Religious Education Must be Taken More Seriously

We Cannot Forget the Lessons From Srebrenica

Is There Such a Thing as Rational Religion?

The Case for Reforming Feminism

Why I am Glad the Pope & the Archbishop are Leading on Climate Change

Are Religious People Biased?

The False Dichotomy of Mystics and Jurists

Religious Persecution Can Both Unite and Divide Religious Communities


News in Brief


Religion, Culture or a Bit of Both?- The Case of Northern Irish (Ulster) Protestants

The Challenges and Changing Face of Religion Broadcasting in Britain

The US ‘Culture Wars’ as We Know Them Might be Over

How Military Adventurism and Suspicion of Islam Have Become Part Of The British Political Landscape 19


Understanding Religions’ Pulling Power

The Khanda on the Eye of a Needle


The Value of Pluralism – Christian Reflections on John Hick


Christians and Muslims in Britain; Facing Challenges and Opportunities


Have You Ever Wondered What the Face of God Looks Like?


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