Issue 10 now out! 28 April 2015

Issue 10 Front CoverThe Spring 2015 edition of On Religion magazine is now out!

In this edition, our feature story is about al-Biruni, an early Islamic scholar who was a pioneer in religious studies. A second feature looks at Shamanism in modern Mongolia.

We also have Opinion pieces on radicalisation, religious education, how we treat our criminals and religous pluralism.

News in Brief gathers headlines and stories from the past few months, some of which you might have missed and some which recount the big stories.

We’ve introduced a new section in this edition, Ideas, which will be a space in which theology, philosophy and clear thinking meet. Our two contributions to this inaugural section include Waqar Ahmedi on whether religious experiences are evidence of God, and Sam Jones on the words and truth within Buddhism.

The edition closes up with the regular Commentary, Reviews and Reflections.

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On Religion's editorial team is made up of postgraduate students and researchers of religion and across the UK.