Issue 13 now out! 12 July 2016

Issue 13 of On Religion has now been released. Our subscribers have already received the magazine delivered to them by post. For those who are not subscribed, here is a preview of what’s inside.

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Our front page article is from “The Long Read” section of On Religion, and includes an extended guide and introduction to British Muslim denominations, a topic that though discussed partially in the media has rarely been explored comprehensively. As always, we have a range of articles on a huge number of topics, from history to current affairs.

On Religion Issue 13Opinion
Religion and Horror: Unexpected Compatibility
The Trump Delusion
The Changing Nature of Faith in Britain
Let’s Consider Editing Genes and Creating Chimeras
The Far Right: A Disease We Have Allowed to Fester

Learning about Faith: The Importance of Human Encounter
Religious Pluralism and The Satanic Temple
The Curses and Blessings of Religious Fundamentalism
It’s Complicated – Alcohol in Muslim Societies
On Forgiveness

Al Razi, an Islamic Heretic
Hassidic Tales and Wisdom Sayings

The Long Read
Who are Britain’s Muslims? An Introduction to Muslim Denominations

Whose Reading is Right? Biblical Interpretation in World Christianity
40 Rules of Love
Herodotus and Religion in the Persian Wars
Sufis, Salafis and Islamists

The Drama of Evil
5 Tips for Interacting with Religious Minorities

Hafiz Patel (1926-2016) – A Spiritual Giant in an Age of Dwarfs

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