Issue 6 is out! 10 February 2014

photoIssue 6 of On Religion is now out! Subscribers will already have received the magazine, for those considering, here is a peak at what you’ll find in this edition of On Religion magazine.

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Four Chaplains Day – the story behind an American multifaith holiday
Why Holocaust Memorial Day Still Matters
Building a Christian Left – on the renamed Christian Socialist Movement
New New Atheism – on dissent from the New Atheism narrative

13 Stories from 2013 – a recap of the biggest new stories from the previous year
The Deluge: A Global Myth – our cover piece, tracking the epic stories of a global flood that are found in various traditions and cultures around the world
Before They Pass – looking at the recent photographic project of Jimmy Nelson

Lapshyn’s Terror Spree – A Ukranian PhD student was convicted last year of the murder of elderly Muslim pensioner and bombing three mosques, we explore the story
Expert Interview with Matthew Feldman – Dr Feldman is an academic and specialist on the far-right in Europe, we speak to him about modern and old challenges
The Church of England: Finally Taking LGBT Anglicans Seriously – Andrew Grey looks at the findings from the Pilling Report
Faith in Politics: Baroness Warsi – Our interview with the Baroness on her post as Faith and Communities Minister
Distributism – A unique, Catholic based, social teaching that considers itself beyond Capitalism and Communism, is explored to better understand Pope Francis’ vision for the Church

Deciphering Girard – Rene Girard is an influential philosopher, thought at times difficult to understand, Rev Keith Hebden reviews a book that seeks to make him easier to understand
Gravity and the Spiritual but not Religious – 2013’s blockbuster Gravity tackled many questions of faith, what were they?
Spinoza’s Political Theology – Spinoza is often a misunderstood philosopher, what did his vision of political theology entail?

Culture and Media
Faith in Feminism – We speak to Vicky Beeching about her latest project
Twitter’s Resident Muslim Guru: Mo Ansar – an interview with the Twitter commentator
Religion in the Game of Thrones – any avid fan will know religion is a major piece of the series, we unpick its theological diversity

Mandela: By Any Means Necessary – an article in honour of the passing away of Nelson Mandela

Spring Faith: Why is March 21st an important date in so many religious calendars?


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On Religion's editorial team is made up of postgraduate students and researchers of religion and across the UK.