Issue 9 is now out! 14 February 2015

Issue 9 of On Religion is out!

Here is what you can find inside!


Faithwashing ISISIssue 9!
Do analysts have religious blinkers on when examining ISIS? Abdul-Azim Ahmed argues there is more to them than bad religion.
The Future of RE in the UK
Rabbi Dr Jonathan Romain of the Accord Coalition for Inclusive Education reflects on recent proposed changes for religious education and what it might mean.
A Case for Muslim Jewish Unity
In light of the Paris shootings of Jan 2015, Abdul-Azim Ahmed believes Muslim-Jewish solidarity is ever more important.
Progressives Must Not Become the New Bigots
Andrew Grey reflects on the etiquettes of disagreement, and how being progressive is not a license for looking down on others.
Can the Church of England Attract Young People Again?
The trendy vicar is not necessary to attract young people to the Church of England, argues Andrew Grey.

Researching Religion at Universities – REF results
A summary of the Research Excellence Framework of religious studies departments across the UK
Places of Worship Unite Across Boundaries
New research finds places of worship are some of the best places for cross cultural, ethnic, age and social divides.
Dating the Quran
Researchers at the University of Tubingen announce the earliest known parchments of the Quran yet.
What do Church Leaders, Science, and Great Literature have in Common?
Analysis of the a survey of Anglican Clergy carried out via YouGov.
Ukip, the Grand Mufti, and War Crimes
The bizarre tale of Ukip’s foray into religion and radicalisation
Church of England Appoints First Woman Bishop – the Revd Libby Lane
Profile of the first woman Bishop elected in the Church of England

The Last Gnostics
The first of our features. Chris De Bie explores the largely forgotten religion of the Mandaeans. An ancient tradition of the Middle-East.
Rethinking Religion in Northern Ireland
John Roberts considers whether the existing Protestant-Catholic paradigm of Northern Ireland can be surpassed.

Interview: Heirs to Forgotten Kingdoms
Gerrard Russell’s new book on the minority religions of the Middle-East became brutally topical after the ISIS’s assault on the Yazidis. We speak the author about his work.
More Perfect Union?
Dr Jem Bloomfield reviews the Bishop of Birmingham’s latest publication on same-sex marriage.

Interfaith in the UK – a Short History
Our special article for Issue 9 traces the history and development of the interfaith movement in Britain.

Northern Zombies & Heathen Worldviews
Dr Karl Siegfried writes on the history and place of zombies in Norse mythology.
An Atheist Explores The Afterlife
Kile Jones explores what world religions teach about the world to come.
Bollywood’s Biggest Film Challenges Religion
A Bollywood tale on religion and faith tells us much about modern India.

Togetherness and Diversity
Rabbi Charles Wallach closes Issue 9 with reflections on the holidays.

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