Seven Reasons To Subscribe to On Religion 12 December 2016

1. Choose informed commentary.

We believe that covering religion requires understanding and knowledge. On Religion was born out of frustration at superficial, often inaccurate, reporting about religion in the world. Our writers consist of experts on religion, including academics and faith leaders. This means you’re getting informed, in-depth and accurate coverage about the issues.

2.Reader funded journalism is the way forward.

Glenn Greenwald, the investigative journalist who uncovered the United States’ surveillance programme, argued that reader funded journalism is needed to ensure the industry maintains integrity.

On Religion is just that. We’re funded by subscriptions primarily, and we want to keep it that way. Rather than advertisers, it is the readers that take priority. With the line between journalism and product promotion becoming ever more blurred, handing control back to the reader is key.

3. Say no to fast food journalism.

A lot has been written about “fake news“, this is a symptom of fast food journalism, produced quickly and for a mass audience – written for the sake of saying something – even if it is wrong. The era of the hot take is in.

The immense pressure of 24 hour rolling news coverage means we’re often given short-sighted sloppy commentary. We publish quarterly, with a steady stream of articles released online. Our focus is giving digested opinions and analysis of events with a retrospective view. We’re proud to be called slow journalism.

4. We give you every angle.

The writers for On Religion come from a variety of backgrounds, consisting of both reverent believers and non-believers alike. Our multi-religious and multi-disciplinary team mean you get every angle.

We cover Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism and more, both with a contemporary focus as well as historical. You really get the full picture with On Religion.

5. Comprehensive coverage.

Alongside our analysis, we provide coverage of the major news stories on religion and faith, both in the UK and abroad.

With so much news being published, both through mainstream outlets and blogging, it is difficult to keep up to date with everything. On Religion provides a one-stop summary, meaning you’ll be kept in the loop.

6. Unique Features

We don’t just cover current affairs, we look at history, society, philosophy – in fact the whole gamut of human experience through religion intersects. On Religion presents an eclectic mix of articles that will always you keep interested.

7. You Get To Go Offline

Everyone need’s time away from laptops and smartphones. On Religion is a published print magazine, so you can read the physical copy offline. It’s physical, it’s solid, it’s shareable, it lasts a long time.

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About Abdul-Azim Ahmed

Dr Abdul-Azim Ahmed is Editor of On Religion magazine. He holds a doctorate in religious studies and an MA in Islam in Contemporary Britain.