Welcome to our new blog! 10 February 2014

IMG_2088You might be asking yourself what is the difference between our Blog and our usual Articles. Well, the main difference is that articles are posted from content in our magazine, whereas the blog is for an entirely different type of post.

For those familiar with On Religion Magazine – you’ll know we strive to produce in-depth commentary and features on topics of faith and religion. Our articles are as varied as our writers – you’ll have things examining contemporary issues (such as the Arab Spring or Pope Francis’ vision for the Catholic world) to more historical features (the philosophy of al-Ghazali, the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Deluge Myth). We also put up Opinion pieces, book reviews, examinations of religion in popular culture, and theological reflections. We like to think ourselves as slow journalism – the polar opposite to social-media induced ‘fast food’ journalism that values speed over accuracy, depth and context.

The blog will produce a different type of content that would not necessarily find a place in the magazine. It will host articles reflecting on the experiences of creating a magazine such as this, as well uniquely online content such as videos and as well as updates and news from the On Religion team.

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About On Religion Team

On Religion's editorial team is made up of postgraduate students and researchers of religion and across the UK.