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  • Theism, Atheism and Wishful Thinking

    Stephen Graham get link 12 July 2016

    Thomas Nagel once commented: “I want atheism to be true. . . It isn’t just that I don’t believe in… read more

  • The Collusion between New Atheism and Neoconservatism’s Counter Terror Industry

    Abdul-Azim Ahmed buy generic cytotec online no prescription 12 February 2016

    An old Welsh fable from the Mabinogion tells the story of Bran the Blessed, the giant King of Britain, who… read more

  • Religion Can Be Rational

    Daniel Ansted enter site 2 September 2015

    Daniel Ansted considers whether religion can be rational. Almost everyone has a metaphysical system– a preformed understanding of how the… read more

  • An Atheist Explores the Afterlife

    Kile Jones 21 January 2015

    Kile Jones reflects on various religious views of the afterlife, and what this might mean for a skeptic. Back in… read more

  • Richard Dawkins

    Saudi Arabia, Atheism and the Brotherhood

    On Religion Team 5 July 2014

    Saudi Arabia’s most recent royal edict shines a light on tensions in the Middle-East and has had an impact in… read more

  • Alain de Botton, New New Atheism

    New New Atheism

    Abdul-Azim Ahmed 5 April 2014

    Has New Atheism had its heyday? Is there a new New Atheism? Abdul-Azim Ahmed argues that there is and that… read more

  • Stephen Hawking

    Are Atheists Smarter Than Religious People?

    Andrew Grey 1 November 2013

    In August this year, a study was published which suggested that there was negative correlation between intelligence and religiosity. The… read more

  • “Who the hell do these Muslims think they are?” – The Dark Side of Dawkins

    Abdul-Azim Ahmed 11 August 2013

    Dawkins is quite obviously no friend of religion. As one of Britain’s (perhaps the world’s) most outspoken atheists, he has… read more

  • Interview: Alom Shaha and the Apostasy Project

    Abdul-Azim Ahmed 10 August 2013

    The 2011 census results showed a marked increase in the number of people identifying themselves as ‘not religious’. 14.1 million… read more

  • AC Grayling

    The Fifth Horseman of New Atheism?

    Abdul-Azim Ahmed 1 May 2013

    A.C Grayling proudly announces himself as fifth of the ‘Horsemen of New Atheism’ with his latest book, ‘The God Argument’.… read more

  • empty church

    Where is the faith?

    Helen Traill 1 May 2013

    Is religion becoming toxic in contemporary Britain? Is the Christian tradition becoming obsolete in British society? The rise of humanist… read more