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  • Theism, Atheism and Wishful Thinking

    Stephen Graham 12 July 2016

    Thomas Nagel once commented: “I want atheism to be true. . . It isn’t just that I don’t believe in… read more

  • The Collusion between New Atheism and Neoconservatism’s Counter Terror Industry

    Abdul-Azim Ahmed 12 February 2016

    An old Welsh fable from the Mabinogion tells the story of Bran the Blessed, the giant King of Britain, who… read more

  • Religion Can Be Rational

    Daniel Ansted 2 September 2015

    Daniel Ansted considers whether religion can be rational. Almost everyone has a metaphysical system– a preformed understanding of how the… read more

  • An Atheist Explores the Afterlife

    Kile Jones 21 January 2015

    Kile Jones reflects on various religious views of the afterlife, and what this might mean for a skeptic. Back in… read more

  • Richard Dawkins

    Saudi Arabia, Atheism and the Brotherhood

    On Religion Team 5 July 2014

    Saudi Arabia’s most recent royal edict shines a light on tensions in the Middle-East and has had an impact in… read more

  • Alain de Botton, New New Atheism

    New New Atheism

    Abdul-Azim Ahmed 5 April 2014

    Has New Atheism had its heyday? Is there a new New Atheism? Abdul-Azim Ahmed argues that there is and that… read more

  • Stephen Hawking

    Are Atheists Smarter Than Religious People?

    Andrew Grey 1 November 2013

    In August this year, a study was published which suggested that there was negative correlation between intelligence and religiosity. The… read more

  • “Who the hell do these Muslims think they are?” – The Dark Side of Dawkins

    Abdul-Azim Ahmed 11 August 2013

    Dawkins is quite obviously no friend of religion. As one of Britain’s (perhaps the world’s) most outspoken atheists, he has… read more

  • Interview: Alom Shaha and the Apostasy Project

    Abdul-Azim Ahmed 10 August 2013

    The 2011 census results showed a marked increase in the number of people identifying themselves as ‘not religious’. 14.1 million… read more

  • AC Grayling

    The Fifth Horseman of New Atheism?

    Abdul-Azim Ahmed 1 May 2013

    A.C Grayling proudly announces himself as fifth of the ‘Horsemen of New Atheism’ with his latest book, ‘The God Argument’.… read more

  • empty church

    Where is the faith?

    Helen Traill 1 May 2013

    Is religion becoming toxic in contemporary Britain? Is the Christian tradition becoming obsolete in British society? The rise of humanist… read more