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  • The Politics of Interfaith Love in India

    John Fahy 23 July 2017

    On 2 May, a Muslim farmer, Gulam Mohammad, was lynched near a mango orchard in the small village of Sohi… read more

  • Death, Resurrection and Ascension: the Marvel Method

    Christopher Chiu-Tabet 7 July 2017

    How the Marvel Cinematic Universe has united directors religious and non-religious alike for an ongoing cycle of rebirth,written by Christopher… read more

  • Trump’s Prosperity Gospel

    Stephen Graham 24 January 2017

    Donald Trump’s inauguration was full of religious trappings: kicking off the day with a service and inviting several religious representatives… read more

  • Sacred Politics—Trump, Brexit and Civil Religion

    Abdul-Azim Ahmed 6 December 2016

    During the US elections, President-elect Trump’s comments about Muslims were uniquely inflammatory. He called for a ban on Muslims entering… read more

  • The Changing Nature of Faith in Britain

    Alex Klaushofer 29 July 2016

    Mainstream thinking about religion in Britain is in a curious place. On one side are the atheists, loudly proclaiming that… read more

  • Religion in a post-Secular post-Christian Britain

    Abdul-Azim Ahmed 12 July 2016

    A summary of the report issued by the Commission on Religion and Belief in British Public Life A familiar flurry… read more

  • The US ‘Culture Wars’ as We Know Them Might be Over

    Ben Woodfinden 13 December 2015

    Ben Woodfinden considers what the Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage will mean for the long fought culture wars of… read more

  • David Cameron

    How Military Adventurism and Suspicion of Islam Have Become Part Of The British Political Landscape

    Abdul-Azim Ahmed 23 October 2015

    “The neocon ascendency is total”. These words were written by associate editor of the Spectator Peter Oborne, describing the political… read more

  • Religion, Culture or a Bit of Both? The Case of Northern Irish Protestants

    John Roberts 17 October 2015

    John Roberts explores the often blurred lines between religion and culture through the lens of the conflict in Northern Ireland.… read more

  • The Challenges and Changes of Religious Broadcasting in Britain

    Abdul-Azim Ahmed 17 October 2015

    Abdul-Azim Ahmed explores the changing face of religious broadcasting in the UK by discussing events at the Sandford St Martin… read more

  • Why I am Glad the Pope and Archbishop are Leading on Climate Change

    Andrew Grey 4 October 2015

    By Andrew Grey Why are Christians so obsessed with sex? People are asking this all the time; after all, it… read more

  • 7 Facts About Religious Harassment Wordwide

    Lucy Smith 2 November 2014

    Lucy Smith reviews some of the key points from the Pew Religious Harassment Index. The Pew Research Center conducts the… read more

  • Richard Dawkins

    Saudi Arabia, Atheism and the Brotherhood

    On Religion Team 5 July 2014

    Saudi Arabia’s most recent royal edict shines a light on tensions in the Middle-East and has had an impact in… read more

  • David Cameron

    Doing God at Westminster

    On Religion Team 2 July 2014

    The past few months saw increasing discussions about faith by politicians, from talks of Britain being a ‘Christian country’ to… read more

  • Nature vs nurture

    DNA as Destiny?

    Chris Bateman 8 December 2013

    Chris Bateman examines how modern attitudes towards genetics can influence discussions about discrimination. Do the arguments mounted against religion rely… read more

  • The US, Christianity and Guns

    TJ Pearce 19 August 2013

    A professor at my Alma Mater, Moody Bible Institute, once posed this question to his students: “Do we love God… read more

  • Adly Mansour

    What is the Deep State?

    Abdul-Azim Ahmed 4 July 2013

    Those following commentary from within the Middle-East on the most recent military coup in Egypt will have perhaps run across… read more

  • Egyptian President Mursi

    5 things worth knowing about the Egyptian military coup

    Abdul-Azim Ahmed 4 July 2013

    1)      This isn’t the first military coup in the Middle East Recent history has shown that the military of Middle-Eastern… read more

  • shariah-court

    5 things about Shariah

    Abdul-Azim Ahmed 5 May 2013

    Shariah has become an ominous term in discussion today. Even the erudite former Archbishop Rowan Williams was viciously attacked in… read more

  • Pope Francis and Pope Emeritus Benedict

    What does a Retired Pope do?

    Karen Willows 2 May 2013

    Pope Benedict XVI became the first Pope to retire from his position in six centuries. This doesn’t leave much precedence… read more

  • JustinWelby

    Faith in Conflict

    Andy Trenier 1 May 2013

    Andy Trenier reviews the Archbishop of Canterbury’s conference on dialogue and conflict. In his book ‘Great Hatred, Little Room: Making… read more

  • empty church

    Where is the faith?

    Helen Traill 1 May 2013

    Is religion becoming toxic in contemporary Britain? Is the Christian tradition becoming obsolete in British society? The rise of humanist… read more

  • Shahbag Square Mock Hanging

    Bangladesh Erupts

    Abdul-Azim Ahmed 25 April 2013

    Recent protests in Bangladesh have raised old questions and challenged new leadership. A Storm Gathers Bangladesh erupted in a mass… read more

  • Pope Francis

    Pope Franciscus: The new Bishop of Rome

    Abdul-Azim Ahmed 25 April 2013

    On the 13th March 2013 the Roman Catholic Conclave elected a new Pope, following the retirement of Pope Benedict XVI.… read more

  • Afghanistan War

    A Clash of Civilisations?

    Nabila Shah 20 April 2013

    Nabila Shah explores Huntington’s famous thesis and asks whether his prophecy has been fulfilled. Despite being written almost twenty years… read more

  • Same Sex Marriage

    Faith Leaders Respond To Same Sex Marriage Plans

    Kate Halstead 20 April 2013

    The British government’s decision to push through the proposal for same sex marriage has received heavy criticisms from religious groups.… read more

  • East London Mosque

    Religion in the UK – Census 2011

    Karen Willows 28 March 2013

    The figures from 2011 England and Wales census related to ethnicity and belief were released in December 2012. This is… read more

  • Britain’s new Chief Rabbi

    Abdul-Azim Ahmed 24 February 2013

    Lord Jonathan Sacks’s successor has been announced, Ephraim Mirvis (pictured) will become the next Chief Rabbi of the United Kingdom.… read more

  • Mohammed Bouazizi Funeral

    The Spark Behind The Arab Spring

    Ruth Cornelius 24 February 2013

    On December 17th 2010, Mohamed Bouazizi ignited not only his body but also a revolutionary wave of demonstrations and protests… read more

  • Meet the new Archbishop of Canterbury: Justin Welby

    Abdul-Azim Ahmed 8 November 2012

    Information regarding the identity of the new Archbishop set to replace Rowan Williams has been kept quietly under wraps by… read more