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  • Faith and Feminism Can Make Strange Bedfellows

    Niamh Middleton 12 February 2016

    As someone who was once an atheistic feminist but became something of a ‘born-again’ Christian in middle age, I now… read more

  • Vicky Beeching

    Interview: Faith in Feminism?

    Abdul-Azim Ahmed 11 February 2014

    We speak to Vicky Beeching about her latest project, ‘Faith in Feminism’, that seeks to explore the relationship between women,… read more

  • Interfaith

    Interview: The Women’s Interfaith Network – 10 Years On

    On Religion Team 18 November 2013

    As part of our interfaith special, we speak to Rosalind Parker from the Women’s Interfaith Network about their work over… read more

  • Women Bishops in Wales: Just Conforming to Culture?

    Andrew Grey 24 October 2013

    The debate on women bishops is sometimes presented as being between the conservative and progressive elements of the church; Andrew… read more

  • Keep Context in Mind: Welsh Women Bishops

    Manon Ceridwen James 24 October 2013

    Manon Ceridwen James is optimistic about the introduction of women bishops in Wales, but believes it is important to keep… read more

  • The Anglican Church's General Synod

    Women Bishops: A Personal View

    Manon Ceridwen James 24 November 2012

    On November 11th 1992 a small group of us gathered in my house at theological college to drink tea and… read more