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  • Changing Attitudes in Church in Wales

    Manon Ceridwen James 6 October 2017

    As a campaigning group wanting full equality for LGBT+ in the Church in Wales, we, the Changing Attitude Trawsnewid Agwedd… read more

  • Justin Welby’s so-called apology

    Andrew Grey 16 January 2016

    This week had the potential to provide healing to thousands. All the LGBT Christians or non-Christians, or their loved ones, who’ve… read more

  • The Gay Rights Movement: A Jewish Perspective

    Jonathan Milevsky 5 May 2015

    In her Revelations of Divine Love, Julian of Norwich writes that God arranges that even sin will “turn out for… read more

  • Religion must provide answers to transsexuals

    Kai Whiting 25 May 2014

    Kai Whiting argues the Abrahamic traditions cannot ignore the challenges faced by transsexuals. At some point in the average person’s… read more

  • Sir Joseph Pilling

    The Church of England: Finally taking LGBT Anglicans seriously

    Andrew Grey 5 April 2014

    The Church of England’s latest report on sexuality may not be satisfying to some, but Andrew Grey argues that it… read more

  • Is the Church of England homophobic?

    Andrew Grey 13 August 2013

    The Church of England’s opposition to same-sex marriage may be frustrating to some: but it must not be dismissed as… read more

  • Same Sex Marriage

    Faith Leaders Respond To Same Sex Marriage Plans

    Kate Halstead 20 April 2013

    The British government’s decision to push through the proposal for same sex marriage has received heavy criticisms from religious groups.… read more