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  • What is Religious Literacy? – Q&A with Adam Dinham

    Abdul-Azim Ahmed 6 December 2016

    Religious literacy has increasingly become an important term. We need greater religious literacy according to the Commission on Religion and… read more

  • Religious Pluralism and The Satanic Temple

    Daniel Ansted 10 August 2016

    The Satanic Temple (TST ) is a politically motivated religious organization that opposes any policy that privileges any particular religion (a.k.a… read more

  • The Changing Nature of Faith in Britain

    Alex Klaushofer 29 July 2016

    Mainstream thinking about religion in Britain is in a curious place. On one side are the atheists, loudly proclaiming that… read more

  • Religious Persecution Can Both Unite and Divide Religious Communities

    Abdul-Azim Ahmed 13 December 2015

    In a moving homily delivered in June 2015, the Pope described the persecution of Christians by the Islamic State and… read more

  • The Value of Pluralism – Christian Reflections on John Hick

    Stephen Graham 13 December 2015

    A Pew Research study published in May has shown that Christianity has a shrinking share of the population in the… read more

  • The Same God?

    Josef Linnhoff 5 May 2015

    Josef Linnhoff reviews Miroslav Volf’s Allah : A Christian Response The ubiquitous ‘Islam and the West’ debate is arguably becoming… read more

  • An Atheist Explores the Afterlife

    Kile Jones 21 January 2015

    Kile Jones reflects on various religious views of the afterlife, and what this might mean for a skeptic. Back in… read more

  • 7 Facts About Religious Harassment Wordwide

    Lucy Smith 2 November 2014

    Lucy Smith reviews some of the key points from the Pew Religious Harassment Index. The Pew Research Center conducts the… read more

  • Seeking Peace – St Ethelburga’s Centre

    Joseph Adams 23 October 2013

    Saint Ethelburga’s Centre is a unique space in the City of London, building bridges both between and within communities. Their… read more