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  • Some Evangelicals Are Living a Neighborly Faith

    Kevin Singer and Chris Stackaruk 21 January 2018

    What would it take for people of other religions to know evangelical Christians as the most hospitable members of their… read more

  • Ukip, the Grand Mufti, and War Crimes

    On Religion Team 5 May 2015

    The Grand Mufti of al-Azhar, Shawki Allam, is one of the most senior Muslim clerics in the world. It is… read more

  • Earliest Quranic Codex Discovered

    On Religion Team 5 May 2015

    Until recently, the earliest codices of the Quran were considered to be in Topkapi Palace Museum in Turkey and Tashkent… read more

  • Places of Worship Unite Across Boundaries

    Abdul-Azim Ahmed 5 May 2015

    New research released today by the Social Integration Commission provides a fascinating snapshot into the role of different institutions and… read more

  • Researching Religion at Universities – REF results

    On Religion Team 5 May 2015

    The Research Excellence Framework (REF) is one the most significant assessments of research quality produced by UK universities and is… read more

  • Too poor to die? The rise of Paupers’ funerals

    On Religion Team 2 August 2014

    A report earlier this year indicated there has been a rise in Public Health Funerals in the UK. But what… read more

  • ‘Slaughter Muslims like Chickens’

    Joseph Adams 19 May 2013

    The Muslim Association of Greece received an ultimatum on Friday 17th May threatening that all Muslims must leave the country… read more

  • Shahbag Square Mock Hanging

    Bangladesh Erupts

    Abdul-Azim Ahmed 25 April 2013

    Recent protests in Bangladesh have raised old questions and challenged new leadership. A Storm Gathers Bangladesh erupted in a mass… read more

  • Pope Francis

    Pope Franciscus: The new Bishop of Rome

    Abdul-Azim Ahmed 25 April 2013

    On the 13th March 2013 the Roman Catholic Conclave elected a new Pope, following the retirement of Pope Benedict XVI.… read more