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  • The Hijacking of Daoism in the West: how salesmen came to dominate the discourse of the Dao

    Robert James Coons 17 October 2017

    Daoism has a relatively short history in the west, with the first English language translation of the Dao De Jing… read more

  • Hobbes, Rousseau and the Social Contract

    Polina Simakova / Agrippina Domanski 6 December 2016

    The Social Contract theory has evolved over the centuries, but its origins can be traced back to the Old Testament… read more

  • Should Prostitution be Banned because it is Exploitative?

    Hugh McLachlan 6 December 2016

    Religion invariably provides sexual ethics to its adherents. How, where, when, and with whom, one should engage in sexual relations… read more

  • Let’s Consider Editing Genes and Creating Chimeras

    Hugh McLachlan 16 July 2016

    Some people have a strongly felt objection to the creation of ‘chimeras’ i.e. organisms formed by a mixture of genetically… read more

  • Rene Girard

    Deciphering Girard

    Keith Hebden 28 April 2014

    René Girard is one of the most influential thinkers of the modern era, known most notably for his theories on… read more

  • Nature vs nurture

    DNA as Destiny?

    Chris Bateman 8 December 2013

    Chris Bateman examines how modern attitudes towards genetics can influence discussions about discrimination. Do the arguments mounted against religion rely… read more