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  • iPhone and Rosary

    Sacred Synesthesia

    Luke Burns 15 January 2017

    I recently watched a documentary about a man with quite intense synesthesia, which allowed him to visualise numbers as complex… read more

  • Two Holy Lungs Breathing Spiritual Life Worldwide

    Rabbi Allen Maller 4 January 2017

    Rabbi Allen S. Maller’s reflections for 2017 In the pagan Greco-Roman Empire during the days of Jesus, the Jerusalem Temple… read more

  • Terror and Natural Law

    Jonathan Milevsky 6 December 2016

    In my prayers on Yom Kippur a few weeks ago, I included a plea for no more terror attacks around… read more

  • On Growing Up Orthodox Jewish and Syrian Christian

    Nicole Abraham 6 December 2016

    My parents raised me with two religions- Orthodox Jewish on my Mum’s side and Syrian Christian on my Dad’s. Not… read more

  • Astronomy and Theism are Not Incompatible

    Huma Munir 5 May 2015

    Huma Munir discusses the life lessons we can learn from contemplating the universe… In 1990, spacecraft Voyager 1 took one… read more

  • Togetherness and Diversity

    Rabbi Charles Wallach 5 May 2015

    Rabbi Charles Wallach reflects on the holiday season and what diversity can teach us. Being semi retired my wife and… read more

  • Religious experiences – evidence of God’s existence?

    Waqar Ahmedi 28 April 2015

    What do a British journalist, a 19th century Russian novelist and an Arab orphan 1,400 years ago have in common?… read more

  • An Atheist Explores the Afterlife

    Kile Jones 21 January 2015

    Kile Jones reflects on various religious views of the afterlife, and what this might mean for a skeptic. Back in… read more

  • Nowruz in Paris

    Spring Faith

    Karen Willows 15 March 2014

    The spring equinox, falling around the 21st March each year, is a significant date for many religions—Karen Willows explores how.… read more