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  • Prehistoric carving of a "lion man"

    Living with Gods: peoples, places and worlds beyond.

    Dr Ian Parker Heath 9 January 2018

    Dr Ian Parker Heath reviews the “Living With the Gods” exhibition at the The British Museum It is no easy… read more

  • Why the Charity Commission is Wrong to Say Jediism is Not a Religion

    Abdul-Azim Ahmed 7 January 2018

    This article was written to be a script for a On Religion VoiceNote, but grew too long, and rather than… read more

  • Great and Little Jediism

    Abdul-Azim Ahmed 7 January 2018

    “I am one with the Force, the Force is with me” Opinion is split – this is either the most… read more

  • Mosques, Churches and Temples – the religious landscape of Pokemon

    Abdul-Azim Ahmed 5 November 2017

    Pokemon Go is taking over. Its devotees travel in pilgrimage to its sacred sites (Pokestops), attend to their divine beings… read more

  • The Hijacking of Daoism in the West: how salesmen came to dominate the discourse of the Dao

    Robert James Coons 17 October 2017

    Daoism has a relatively short history in the west, with the first English language translation of the Dao De Jing… read more

  • Religion and Law: Interview with Frank Cranmer

    Abdul-Azim Ahmed 6 October 2017

    Abdul-Azim Ahmed interviews Frank Cranmer, who with David Pocklington, runs the popular Religion and Law blog online. AA: So why run… read more

  • Religion, Culture or a Bit of Both? The Case of Northern Irish Protestants

    John Roberts 17 October 2015

    John Roberts explores the often blurred lines between religion and culture through the lens of the conflict in Northern Ireland.… read more

  • 7 Religious Ideas Worth Reflecting On

    Abdul-Azim Ahmed 5 May 2015

    There are some ideas and nuggets of knowledge that make you pause and think. Either because its forces you to… read more

  • The Forefather of Religious Studies

    Abdul-Azim Ahmed 5 May 2015

    Abdul-Azim Ahmed explores the life and work of al-Biruni, a tenth century polymath famed for producing one of the earliest… read more

  • Five Tips to Critique Religion Intelligently

    Daniel Ansted 5 May 2015

    Daniel Ansted considers how non-believers can critique religion without causing hurt. Intelligent religious critiques are needed now more than ever.… read more

  • Researching Religion at Universities – REF results

    On Religion Team 5 May 2015

    The Research Excellence Framework (REF) is one the most significant assessments of research quality produced by UK universities and is… read more

  • Religious experiences – evidence of God’s existence?

    Waqar Ahmedi 28 April 2015

    What do a British journalist, a 19th century Russian novelist and an Arab orphan 1,400 years ago have in common?… read more

  • The Future of RE in the UK

    Rabbi Jonathan Romain 16 February 2015

    Rabbi Dr Jonathan Romain considers the changes to Religious Education proposed by the government. Sometimes molehills can grow into mountains,… read more

  • Fields Of Blood, Karen Armstrong

    ‘Fields of Blood’ – Misunderstanding Religion

    Abdul-Azim Ahmed 6 December 2014

    A review of Karen Armstrong’s latest book ‘Fields of Blood: Religion and the History of Violence’ by Abdul-Azim Ahmed. Karen… read more

  • Professor Linda Woodhead

    Expert Interview: Professor Linda Woodhead

    On Religion Team 20 July 2014

    We speak to Professor Linda Woodhead about the challenges and opportunities facing religious studies in Higher Education. Linda Woodhead is… read more

  • Doctor Who TARDIS

    Religion in Doctor Who

    Abdul-Azim Ahmed 5 November 2013

    Doctor Who is the longest running TV series in history, and a cultural treasure for the UK. Abdul-Azim Ahmed examines… read more

  • TARDIS Doctor Who

    Interview – Time, Space and Faith: Religion and Doctor Who

    On Religion Team 5 November 2013

    Time, Space and Faith: Religion and Doctor Who is an academic conference that was held in the University of Manchester… read more

  • Religious Studies Scholarships

    On Religion Team 25 July 2013

    Below you’ll find a comprehensive list of the religious studies scholarships available for students in the UK at British universities.… read more

  • empty church

    Where is the faith?

    Helen Traill 1 May 2013

    Is religion becoming toxic in contemporary Britain? Is the Christian tradition becoming obsolete in British society? The rise of humanist… read more