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  • Hipstianity – “When Church and Cool Collide”

    Emma Riches http://wc8voa.org/?month=apr 30 June 2017

    Emma Riches speaks to Brett McCracken about hipsters, faith, and new religion. From coffee shops to clothing brands, Hipster style… read more

  • Radicalized – Peter Neumann

    Abdul-Azim Ahmed http://mimacleaning.com/hire-lyrics-writer 6 December 2016

    Walking into my local Waterstone’s on one Saturday, I was greeted by an extensive display of books all about terrorism.… read more

  • Our Holy Ground – John Morgans and Peter Noble

    Abdul-Azim Ahmed http://sharepoint-insight.com/category/architecture/ 6 December 2016

    Gerald of Wales is famous for his medieval accounts of travelling through Wales. As clergyman and royal clerk, he accompanied… read more

  • BOOK REVIEW: Sufis, Salafis and Islamists

    Abdul-Azim Ahmed 13 July 2016

    It is increasingly common to meet journalists, politicians and interested members of the general public who are curious about the… read more

  • The Collusion between New Atheism and Neoconservatism’s Counter Terror Industry

    Abdul-Azim Ahmed 12 February 2016

    An old Welsh fable from the Mabinogion tells the story of Bran the Blessed, the giant King of Britain, who… read more

  • Review: More Perfect Union?

    Dr Jem Bloomfield 16 February 2015

    Dr Jem Bloomfield reviews the Bishop of Buckingham’s work looking at same-sex marriage and the Church. Alan Wilson’s book More… read more

  • Interview with Gerard Russell on Heirs to Forgotten Kingdoms

    On Religion Team 15 February 2015

    Former British diplomat, Gerrard Russell, has published a work looking at the minority religions in the Middle-East. Abdul-Azim Ahmed speaks… read more

  • Psalms Redux

    Rewriting the Psalms

    Andrew Grey 3 January 2015

    Andrew Grey interviews Revd Dr Carla Grosch-Miller about her new book Psalms Redux: Poems and Prayers to find out more… read more

  • The Everlasting Flame

    The Everlasting Flame – a Journey into Ancient Zoroastrianism

    Abdul-Azim Ahmed 1 January 2015

    In this review, Dr Sarah Stewart’s edited collection on Zoroastrianism proves to be a rich and colourful exploration of the… read more

  • Fields Of Blood, Karen Armstrong

    ‘Fields of Blood’ – Misunderstanding Religion

    Abdul-Azim Ahmed 6 December 2014

    A review of Karen Armstrong’s latest book ‘Fields of Blood: Religion and the History of Violence’ by Abdul-Azim Ahmed. Karen… read more

  • The Rise and Decline of American Religious Freedom

    The Paradox of American Religious Freedom

    Abdul-Azim Ahmed 26 August 2014

    A book discussing the apparent paradox of American religiosity and secularism. In February 2014, President Obama delivered a speech on… read more

  • Nishrin Jafri

    Review – Even the Crows: A Divided Gujarat

    On Religion Team 3 August 2014

    Here, we review Even The Crows, a documentary exploring the 2002 anti-Muslim riots in Gujarat. The documentary provides a useful… read more

  • A Girl With A Book

    Abdul-Azim Ahmed 29 May 2014

    Nick Wood, playwright and author, tours with a new production asking the question—can a Guardian reader really be racist?   “Where… read more

  • Noah the Gnostic?

    Abdul-Azim Ahmed 11 May 2014

    Can there be a Biblical story better suited for Hollywood than Noah? Yes, we’re all familiar with The Ten Commandments… read more

  • Pope Francis

    Pope Francis: Untying the Knots

    Daniel Rey 28 October 2013

    Before 13th March 2013, few people outside of Buenos Aires were familiar with the name Jorge Mario Bergoglio. And although… read more

  • Abraham, A Bridge So Near Reviewed

    Eleanor Stoneham 6 August 2013

    It is widely believed that there is a basic antagonism between Christianity and Islam. Current events on our streets do… read more

  • the compassion quest

    Review: The Compassion Quest

    Richard Davies 1 August 2013

    From the moment I saw it, ‘The Compassion Quest’ challenged my expectations. As a work of theology, I expected a… read more

  • AC Grayling

    The Fifth Horseman of New Atheism?

    Abdul-Azim Ahmed 1 May 2013

    A.C Grayling proudly announces himself as fifth of the ‘Horsemen of New Atheism’ with his latest book, ‘The God Argument’.… read more

  • The Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies

    “Why Religions Work” by Eleanor Stoneham – Book Review

    Abdul-Azim Ahmed 5 February 2013

    The immediate response by theists to the criticisms of religion made by ‘The Four Horsemen of New Atheism’ was disparate… read more

  • In The Shadow of the Sword – Book Review

    Abdul-Azim Ahmed 28 August 2012

    It is rare that a book on religion in Late Antiquity grabs the headlines, but Tom Holland’s latest work –… read more