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  • The US ‘Culture Wars’ as We Know Them Might be Over

    Ben Woodfinden 13 December 2015

    Ben Woodfinden considers what the Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage will mean for the long fought culture wars of… read more

  • The Rise and Decline of American Religious Freedom

    The Paradox of American Religious Freedom

    Abdul-Azim Ahmed 26 August 2014

    A book discussing the apparent paradox of American religiosity and secularism. In February 2014, President Obama delivered a speech on… read more

  • Four Chaplains Day stamp

    Four Chaplains Day – a date worth remembering

    Karen Willows 3 March 2014

    Karen Willows discusses what an American multifaith holiday can teach us in the United Kingdom about civic religion. On February… read more

  • The US, Christianity and Guns

    TJ Pearce 19 August 2013

    A professor at my Alma Mater, Moody Bible Institute, once posed this question to his students: “Do we love God… read more