Preview of Issue 5 10 October 2013

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al-Ghazali Issue 5 Front CoverOn Religion provides informed and impartial coverage on religion, written by experts and those in-the-know.

Issue 5 of On Religion is released next week and we thought we’d give you a taste of what’s inside!

Opinion Pieces: –
– Are Atheists Smarter than Religious People?
– Britain’s Shameful Secret
– My Face is Not Your Property
– The Dark Side of Dawkins
– Women Bishops in Wales: Just Conforming to Culture?
– Keep Context in Mind: Welsh Women Bishops
– The Population Problem is about Power and Privledge
– An Open Letter from the 2nd Century
– DNA and Demonisation

Features: –
– Ghazali: The Legacy of a Scholar
– Taking Up Arms
– A Journey Through Syria
– Egypt in TurmoilSyria Travelogue

Commentary: –
– Organ Donation in Wales
– New Religious Movements
– Is it British to Ban the Face Veil?

Interfaith in the UK Special: –
– Seeking Peace: St Ethelburga’s
– The Women’s Interfaith Network: 10 years on
– Julian Bond: The Christian Muslim Forum

Culture and Media: –
– Religion in Doctor Who
– Things Unseen Podcast

Reviews: –Interfaith in the UK
– Luke Bretherton: Hospitality and Politics
– Pope Francis: Untying the Knots
– Interview with Paul Vallely

Reflections: –
– Dr John Morris: Universals

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About On Religion Team

On Religion's editorial team is made up of postgraduate students and researchers of religion and across the UK.