‘Slaughter Muslims like Chickens’ 19 May 2013

The Muslim Association of Greece received an ultimatum on Friday 17th May threatening that all Muslims must leave the country or face being ‘slaughtered like chickens on the road’.

The letter was sent to the Association’s address, with the threat written in Greek, English and Arabic. In the background is the symbol for the Golden Dawn, the fascist and openly racist party that gained nearly half a million votes and 18 seats at Greece’s 2012 elections.

Tensions in Athens have been high. The city has a population of 120,000 Muslims but no mosque, a recent decision to fund the building of a mosque in the city has faced reactions of dismay and objection from far-right groups.

The Golden Party denied any responsibility for the letter, and accused it of being an intentional smear campaign. The threat however comes amidst an increasingly vocal and violent resurgence amongst Golden Dawn supporters that has led to a number of attacks on Muslims and migrants in Greece.

The full text of the letter is below: –

“Muslim Murderers

Until June 30 you shut your bordela in Greece and you will go to hell.

From July 1 onwards those who are still here will [be] slaughtered like chickens on the road.

Islam F*** you, f*** you and the Koran f***ing your mothers.

There will be blood.


About Joseph Adams

Joseph Adams is a PhD student in religion and theology, with a particular interest in contemporary society, secularisation and religion.

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