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  • Amidst Uncertainty – A New Place of Worship for Iraq’s Mandaeans

    Christopher De Bie 6 December 2016

    Back in May 2015, On Religion took at look at the plight of Iraq’s Mandaeans – the last practicing representatives… read more

  • Justin Welby’s so-called apology

    Andrew Grey 16 January 2016

    This week had the potential to provide healing to thousands. All the LGBT Christians or non-Christians, or their loved ones, who’ve… read more

  • Places of Worship Unite Across Boundaries

    Abdul-Azim Ahmed 5 May 2015

    New research released today by the Social Integration Commission provides a fascinating snapshot into the role of different institutions and… read more

  • Can the Church of England Attract Young People Again?

    Andrew Grey 16 February 2015

    Andrew Grey argues the Church of England should ignore gimmicks and attract the youth with its authentic message. The Church… read more

  • Westboro Baptist Church protest

    Phelps may be gone, but his legacy lives on

    Andrew Grey 2 June 2014

    Fred Phelps, the founder of the Westboro Baptist Church, now synonymous with hate, has passed away. But similar attitudes persist… read more

  • Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury

    Welby: the Archbishop who doesn’t fit our labels

    Andrew Grey 25 April 2013

    Like many Christians, of all denominations, I felt a deep sadness on hearing of Rowan Williams’ resignation from his post… read more