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  • Terror and Natural Law

    Jonathan Milevsky 6 December 2016

    In my prayers on Yom Kippur a few weeks ago, I included a plea for no more terror attacks around… read more

  • Should Prostitution be Banned because it is Exploitative?

    Hugh McLachlan 6 December 2016

    Religion invariably provides sexual ethics to its adherents. How, where, when, and with whom, one should engage in sexual relations… read more

  • Let’s Consider Editing Genes and Creating Chimeras

    Hugh McLachlan 16 July 2016

    Some people have a strongly felt objection to the creation of ‘chimeras’ i.e. organisms formed by a mixture of genetically… read more

  • Justice with Mercy for Criminals

    Andrew Grey 5 May 2015

    Dead Man Walking is one of the most powerful films I’ve ever seen. For readers who are unfamiliar with the… read more

  • Togetherness and Diversity

    Rabbi Charles Wallach 5 May 2015

    Rabbi Charles Wallach reflects on the holiday season and what diversity can teach us. Being semi retired my wife and… read more