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  • Some Evangelicals Are Living a Neighborly Faith

    Kevin Singer and Chris Stackaruk 21 January 2018

    What would it take for people of other religions to know evangelical Christians as the most hospitable members of their… read more

  • The Politics of Interfaith Love in India

    John Fahy 23 July 2017

    On 2 May, a Muslim farmer, Gulam Mohammad, was lynched near a mango orchard in the small village of Sohi… read more

  • Two Holy Lungs Breathing Spiritual Life Worldwide

    Rabbi Allen Maller 4 January 2017

    Rabbi Allen S. Maller’s reflections for 2017 In the pagan Greco-Roman Empire during the days of Jesus, the Jerusalem Temple… read more

  • What is Religious Literacy? – Q&A with Adam Dinham

    Abdul-Azim Ahmed 6 December 2016

    Religious literacy has increasingly become an important term. We need greater religious literacy according to the Commission on Religion and… read more

  • A Very Muslim Christmas

    Laura Jones 16 December 2015

    Laura Jones reflects on coming to terms with Christmas as a Muslim and explains some of the pros and cons… read more

  • Christians and Muslims in Britain: Working Together in Solidarity

    On Religion Team 20 October 2015

    Catriona Robertson recently took over as Director of the Christian Muslim Forum. We speak to her about Christian-Muslim relations here… read more

  • The Same God?

    Josef Linnhoff 5 May 2015

    Josef Linnhoff reviews Miroslav Volf’s Allah : A Christian Response The ubiquitous ‘Islam and the West’ debate is arguably becoming… read more

  • Religious Pluralism is God’s Will

    Rabbi Allen Maller 5 May 2015

    Most college students have at one time or another asked, ‘If there is only one God why are there so… read more

  • A Short History of Interfaith in the UK

    Abdul-Azim Ahmed 16 February 2015

    The last fifteen years have seen a burgeoning of interfaith organisations – Abdul-Azim Ahmed traces the roots of the movement… read more

  • Basil Hazledine

    Obituary: Basil Hazledine

    Eleanor Stoneham 9 November 2014

    Eleanor Stoneham writes in commemoration of Basil Hazledine’s long life. It is with immense sadness that we have to report… read more