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  • Why do Muslims Call the Islamic State “Khawarij”?

    Abdul-Azim Ahmed 23 July 2017

    During the Islamic holy month of Ramadan 2015, a brutal global triple attack sent shockwaves across the world. A massacre… read more

  • In the Age of Isis, Religious Education Must be Taken More Seriously

    Andrew Grey 22 August 2015

    Has there even been a more important time for Religious Education? With religious extremism leading to daily atrocities, accounts of… read more

  • Faithwashing ISIS

    Abdul-Azim Ahmed 20 February 2015

    Abdul-Azim Ahmed argues we need to see ISIS in the cold light of day, and not the heated rhetoric of… read more

  • Dome of the Rock

    The Crusades and the Modern World

    Daniel Rey 4 January 2015

    Daniel Rey argues there are modern parallels to historic wars. The Crusades of the Medieval Age are the pre-eminent conflict… read more

  • What is the Caliphate?

    Abdul-Azim Ahmed 2 January 2015

    2014 saw the emergence of ISIS and their claims of being the new ‘caliphate’. Abdul-Azim Ahmed explores the roots of… read more

  • Editorial – Conflict, Croissants and Communication

    Abdul-Azim Ahmed 17 October 2014

    Abdul-Azim Ahmed on what to expect from Issue 8 of On Religion… Iraq and Ukraine Religion has dominated the headlines… read more

  • The myth of a Sunni-Shia war

    Abdul-Azim Ahmed 17 June 2014

    The narrative of a Sunni-Shia war is so prevalent it is now accepted without challenge – but Abdul-Azim Ahmed argues… read more