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  • Human (Im)Perfection: Jewish Views on Christianity and Islam

    Rabbi Allen Maller 6 October 2017

    Although basic religious values are eternal; religious communities are affected by a world that has increasingly changed over the last… read more

  • Two Holy Lungs Breathing Spiritual Life Worldwide

    Rabbi Allen Maller 4 January 2017

    Rabbi Allen S. Maller’s reflections for 2017 In the pagan Greco-Roman Empire during the days of Jesus, the Jerusalem Temple… read more

  • The Gay Rights Movement: A Jewish Perspective

    Jonathan Milevsky 5 May 2015

    In her Revelations of Divine Love, Julian of Norwich writes that God arranges that even sin will “turn out for… read more

  • 7 Religious Ideas Worth Reflecting On

    Abdul-Azim Ahmed 5 May 2015

    There are some ideas and nuggets of knowledge that make you pause and think. Either because its forces you to… read more

  • Togetherness and Diversity

    Rabbi Charles Wallach 5 May 2015

    Rabbi Charles Wallach reflects on the holiday season and what diversity can teach us. Being semi retired my wife and… read more

  • Rethinking Religion in Northern Ireland

    John Roberts 16 February 2015

    John Roberts explores the diversity of religion in Northern Ireland beyond Protestantism and Catholicism. Northern Ireland’s history is one of… read more