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  • A Brief History of Muslims in Wales

    Abdul-Azim Ahmed 5 November 2017

    The best place to begin the story is in the late eight century with King Offa of Mercia, who is… read more

  • The Mosques of Wales

    Abdul-Azim Ahmed 5 November 2017

    An article Abdul-Azim Ahmed wrote for Click on Wales, the online portal of the Institute for Welsh Affairs. It details… read more

  • How Big is the Muslim Congregation?

    Abdul-Azim Ahmed 24 October 2017

    Traditional Christian groups are facing “alarming decline”, according to the current affairs programme Y Byd ar Bedwar. The story is… read more

  • Qawwali: A Truly Mystical Encounter

    Kynaat Awan 6 December 2016

    Qawalli is a mystical form of music from the Sufi sect of Islam that has inspired people worldwide for centuries.… read more

  • BOOK REVIEW: Sufis, Salafis and Islamists

    Abdul-Azim Ahmed 13 July 2016

    It is increasingly common to meet journalists, politicians and interested members of the general public who are curious about the… read more

  • David Cameron

    How Military Adventurism and Suspicion of Islam Have Become Part Of The British Political Landscape

    Abdul-Azim Ahmed 23 October 2015

    “The neocon ascendency is total”. These words were written by associate editor of the Spectator Peter Oborne, describing the political… read more

  • 7 Facts About Religious Harassment Wordwide

    Lucy Smith 2 November 2014

    Lucy Smith reviews some of the key points from the Pew Religious Harassment Index. The Pew Research Center conducts the… read more

  • Who speaks for Muslims?

    Abdul-Azim Ahmed 18 May 2014

    That was the question set by Newsnight on 24th March before a six-minute video presented by Maajid Nawaz of Quilliam… read more

  • ‘Slaughter Muslims like Chickens’

    Joseph Adams 19 May 2013

    The Muslim Association of Greece received an ultimatum on Friday 17th May threatening that all Muslims must leave the country… read more