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  • Politicians Need Not Make Promises. If They Do, They Should Not Always Keep Them

    Hugh McLachlan 6 October 2017

    It is a commonly accepted view nowadays that the election manifestos of political parties and USA presidential candidates should contain… read more

  • The Trump Delusion

    Andrew Grey 13 July 2016

    Lots of Christians have an issue with Donald Trump. The pastor of a Presbyterian church he attended in Iowa earlier… read more

  • Bishops are allies to – not enemies of – progressive causes

    Andrew Grey 16 December 2015

    The House of Lords is deeply unpopular amongst many progressives. For them, it is an archaic affront to democracy; a… read more

  • David Cameron

    How Military Adventurism and Suspicion of Islam Have Become Part Of The British Political Landscape

    Abdul-Azim Ahmed 23 October 2015

    “The neocon ascendency is total”. These words were written by associate editor of the Spectator Peter Oborne, describing the political… read more

  • Ukip, the Grand Mufti, and War Crimes

    On Religion Team 5 May 2015

    The Grand Mufti of al-Azhar, Shawki Allam, is one of the most senior Muslim clerics in the world. It is… read more

  • David Cameron

    Doing God at Westminster

    On Religion Team 2 July 2014

    The past few months saw increasing discussions about faith by politicians, from talks of Britain being a ‘Christian country’ to… read more

  • Politics and Religion in India

    Abdul-Azim Ahmed 11 May 2014

    The sheer size of India is sometimes difficult to grasp. This is a sprawling and ancient nation, full of high-rise… read more

  • Adly Mansour

    What is the Deep State?

    Abdul-Azim Ahmed 4 July 2013

    Those following commentary from within the Middle-East on the most recent military coup in Egypt will have perhaps run across… read more