Writing For Us

On Religion welcomes pieces from academics, students and authors interested in writing on the topic of religion and faith. We have a wide readership in print and online.

Our content is eclectic and we’re happy to consider pieces from any approach or discipline, provided it relates to religion or faith (in the widest possible sense).

Our readership is non-specialist, so it is important any submitted pieces appeal to everyone. We can help you with this, we’re especially keen to see academic research shared with the wider public.

As a small magazine, we can’t (yet) afford to pay for submitted articles. We do hope this can change in the future, as we believe good articles are worth paying for. If your article is accepted in print, we will send you a complimentary copy of the magazine.

Our style guide is below: –

Opinion – short pieces (800 words or so), polemic, expressing or arguing a particular viewpoint, can be written from a faith based perspective.
Features – longer pieces (1000-2000 words) that explore a topic from a well informed position, long-term relevance.
Commentary – reflective articles (800-1500 words, depending on topic) that explore a controversy or current affairs topic with the benefit of hindsight.
Reviews – (less than 800 words) TV shows, movies, books (academic or otherwise) with a religious theme
Reflections – (400-500 words) More theologically focused posts, from any religious standpoint, aimed to encourage religious or spiritual reflection.

Submit either entire pieces, or pitches, to info@onreligion.co.uk.